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JMR Suspension Services

JMR Suspension Services

Basic Suspension Set-up

Basic motorcycle suspension set-up is essential to your safety and overall riding experience. Here are a few key points from within the complex motorcycle suspension.


The first is maintenance. Greasing of the suspension pivot points is critical. Having free movement in a suspension is the first part of the complete set-up.

Grease Intervals

Normal Conditions Muddy Conditions
Steering Head 35 Hours 25 Hours
Suspension Pivot 35 Hours 25 Hours

The fork oil viscosity is critical to the damping curve of your suspension. When oil viscosity breaks down it creates more wear on the internal suspension components. The two together change your suspension over time, which is why routine maintenance is critical. The following are the recommended schedules:

Oil Change Rebuild
Forks 20 Hours 40 Hours
Shock 20 Hours 40 Hours

We have found significant gains when running high performance fluids. Proper fluids will save you from expensive repairs in the future.

Fork Alignment

This is critical to the safety and performance or your new suspension. If the forks are not centered they will bind. This will change performance and create premature wear.

Rider Sag

Measurement A: Place bike on a stand, wheels free of any contact. Measure from the left inside the bolt to a point on the rear axle. Mark this point so you can return to it for all measurements.

Measurement B: Place bike on the ground, with rider in full gear on the bike in normal riding position, feet barely touching the ground. Measure the same two points.

The following measurements (for both A and B) are good starting points, however they are only recommendations. Whenever possible you should have an experienced technician set up your bike for you.

50cc - 65cc 85cc - 100cc 125cc - 450cc
Race Sag 70-75 mm 95-105 mm 102-108 mm
Static Sag 25-35 mm 25-35 mm 30-40 mm


When purchasing JMR Suspension we want you to be 100% satisfied. We have many track test days throughout the year and are at the tracks often supporting our customers. We are happy to help all riders with their suspension, even if we did not build it for you!